Suing for arms

Posted: February 26, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Palestinians, War
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British Foreign Secretary David Miliband

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband

British “The Guradian” reports today that several Palestinian families are suing the British Foreign Secretary David Miliband for not preventing arms sales to Israel, thus violating the international law during the recent Gaza conflict.

“The Guardian” writes:

The foreign secretary, David Miliband, has acted “in flagrant and continuing breach of international law” in failing to suspend arms exports to Israel, the high court will be told.

In what is thought to be the first legal challenge resulting from Israel’s operation in Gaza, lawyers representing more than 30 Palestinian families have accused Miliband, along with the ministers for defence and business, of acting illegally by failing to suspend arms sales and government assistance after alleged Israeli human rights violations.

Lawyers acting on behalf of the Palestinian charity Al-Haq said the case would be the first of numerous actions brought against Israel, as activity is stepped up to examine the humanitarian and financial cost of recent events.

“The UK has urgent international obligations that it must fulfil immediately,” Phil Shiner, the lawyer representing Al-Haq, said today.

A Foreign Office statement said the claims made on behalf of Al-Haq were “wholly inapt” for resolution in the UK courts and insisted “the government continues to work hard in an effort to secure peace in the Middle East”.

Call me crazy, but it seems to be that pro-Arab and pro-Palestinian groups have found a new way to fight the West – they use our own court system in order to battle us.

Let’s remind the lawyers, that selling arms to Israel is not similar to selling arms to Iran, for example. Strange, but the lawyers seem hesitant to sue the Russian government for supplying Iran, Syria, Hizb Allah and Hamas with weapons.


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