Telling the truth, the loony way

Posted: February 28, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Hamas, Israel, Own Articles, War
Israeli "refusenik" Haggai Mattar

Israeli "refusenik" Haggai Matar

In the most recent opinion article, Haggai Matar, “a journalist and an anti-war and ant-siege activist” – as described by Ynet – tells everyone ready to listen that he said the truth. Before the recent Gaza war, that is. He said the war won’t bring peace, that the border crossings should be opened immediately and that Hamas should be negotiated with.

Mind you, it is the same guy who preferred to stay home, instead getting drafted to the Israeli Defense Forces, and let other guys die for him and his proud mother. Very nice.

Reading his obscene statements, I felt I had to say something back – thank God for the “comments” section:

First of, let’s start with the fact that the agreement within the Israeli public is that the war was stopped prematurely, due to the politicians’ indecisiveness and lack of guts. I believe no one doubts the IDF had the power to bring much stronger pain to Hamas than it actually did.

Now, let’s remind ourselves, that Mr. Matar here wants us to negotiate with terrorists. Yes, those people, who killed dozens of Israelis, injured hundreds more. Hey, Mr. Matar – they’ve killed our children too. Somehow, we now should be negotiating with genocidal maniacs, whose sole purpose is to destroy the Jewish state. By the by, don’t forget the front page of Ynet for today – because today Hamas “shunned” PA’s PM Mahmoud Abbas for asking Hamas to accept Israel’s existence.

Oh, well, they’re democratically elected by the Palestinians, aren’t they? In my eyes, it gives all the more strength to the option of acting harsh in Gaza, instead of recognizing regime that holds power by rounding up everyone who protests its violence, labeling them “collaborators” and shooting them.

It’s really great Haggai Matar presents himself and the likes of himself as the ones who told people the truth when everyone didn’t want to listen. Too bad Mr. Matar never protested Hamas’ indoctrination of children, by showing them Jew-eating rabbits and other “whimsical” characters of genocidal nature.

We can agree on one thing, here: this war was useless. IDF did a good job and could’ve done a much better one – if not the cowardice of the political echelon.

So let Hagai and others protest and present us “the truth”. The recent elections reflected the real mood of Israeli people. Our verdict: Hagai Mattar is a loon, as are many others like him. They protest attacks against Hamas and Gaza, while never rallying for cessation of rocket and mortar fire at Israeli South.

You’re no traitor, Hagai. We live in democracy, where you have a right of speech – something Hamas doesn’t allow to its Gaza citizens, by the way. You simply are a loon. You live in another dimension, fighting for those who choose to murder you, and fighting against those who for generations been trying to make peace. Thank God for democracy.

Thank you mate. Just few years back, I had to look for drugs and weapons in Bittuniya and Rama (two Palestinian towns near Ramallah), while you sat at home with your peace-loving mother, sipping coffee and bloviating about how “justful” you are. That’s okay, mate. The IDF will pay the price. Even for you.

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  2. da best. Keep it going! Thank you

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