Being Israeli not cool in the States?

Posted: March 1, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, US
Israeli model Bar Rafaeli. Yes, it was hard to find a not-half-naked picture of her

Israeli model Bar Rafaeli. Yes, it was hard to find a not-half-naked picture of her

Israeli model Bar Rafaeli caused a furor recently, by appearing on a front page of Sports Illustrated magazine. Way to go, Bar, it’s a great achievement for you. And despite the fact I usually prefer to leave the nakedness out of public’s eye, still, it’s a great achievement for a woman. I bet it took much effort to get where she is right now.

However, I must agree with the Backspin blog: it is ridiculous the woman went on shows like David Letterman without mentioning her country. Is it possible she is not proud of being an Israeli? Or did her manager told her it isn’t considered ‘cool’ to be an Israeli on liberal TV shows? After all, the main constituents for show hosts like Letterman are liberals, many of whom probably opposed IDF’s action in Gaza.

If so – once again the will for fame overrides the loyalty to the State – that is, if Rafaeli has any. Israel, with all its downsides, has quite a few things to be proud of.

Apparently, not when money is in play, though.

P.S.: On a totally different note, how come you can barely find any modest pictures of Ms. Rafaeli here? I mean, come on! I’m a man, I also enjoy watching beautiful women, but can’t you show yourself off wearing something pretty instead of just getting undressed?

  1. mavenite,

    I’ll have to agree. She does not seem to be dumb like many models, yet, I wouldn’t touch such a girl – one that exposes herself all the time – with a ten foot pole.

  2. mavenite says:

    I have to agree this is one pic where she actually looks like a decent person! Sure “cute” but seriously nothing outstanding or special…just another regurgitated, hollywood manufactured, carbon copy?! Can’t wait to see what flat record contract or scripted “reality” show SHE’S offered?!!! When will Americans wise up and quit feeding into the blatant and lame propoganda – quit perpetuating the problem!!!

  3. Kelev says:

    Very pretty face. Too bad she think she must expose herself.

  4. Palestinian2 says:

    women these days have no shame and no morals. see: SI swimsuit issue. its truly disgusting that shes willing to sell her body and soul for however much SI gave her. disgusting.

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