Likud readies itself to give in to the ultra-orthodox

Posted: March 2, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel
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Power electorate

Powerful electorate

A recent Haaretz report gives us signs of Likud party beginning to give in to its ultra-orthodox coalition parties. Usually, the latter – most powerful of which is the SHAS party – require additional household financing from the government and additional financing to the ultra-orthodox education system. Mind you, the education you’d receive in that education system would teach you a lot about Jewish faith, the Talmud and Torah – but little or none about the WWII or the current Iraq conflict.

The report says Likud’s advisors believe it would be best to tunnel additional funds into the child support system. With some restrictions, however:

The Likud party’s advisory teams are urging that the Benjamin Netanyahu government, assuming it forms, jack up child allowances by tens of percent – but only for the first three children.

The fourth child might be included in the program, but that’s where it would stop, say the “100 First Days” and coalition advisory teams. The biggest increases would be for the second and third child, the teams suggest.

I understand the need of ultra-orthodox families to support their children. But most of us work for that. Work hard.

  1. udtlearner says:

    The only learning that is real,is under God(eyl)!
    They are flesh teachers/not spiritual…

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