Fighting the “Israel Apartheid Week”

Posted: March 4, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Uncategorized
Deputy consul general of Israel for the Pacific Northwest, Ishmael Khaldi

Deputy consul general of Israel for the Pacific Northwest, Ishmael Khaldi

San Francisco Chronicle has published a great article by Ishmael Khaldi, an Israeli Bedouin, who – among other things – now fights against misrepresentation of Israel by its haters.

Khaldi gives the “Israeli Apartheid Week” organizers a fight, urging them to promote peace and help moderate Israelis and Muslims to achieve it, instead of spreading hatred (emphasis author’s).

Your criticism is willfully hypocritical: Do Israel’s Arab citizens suffer from disadvantage? You better believe it. Do African Americans 10 minutes from the Berkeley campus suffer from disadvantage – you better believe it, too. So should we launch a Berkeley Apartheid Week, or should we seek real ways to better our societies and make opportunity more available.

You are betraying the moderate Muslims and Jews who are working to achieve peace: Your radicalism is undermining the forces for peace in Israel and in the Palestinian territories. We are working hard to move toward a peace agreement that recognizes the legitimate rights of both Israel and the Palestinian people, and you are tearing down by falsely vilifying one side.

Unfortunately, those loons probably won’t be affected by his words.

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