Presenting alternative solutions

Posted: March 4, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Israel, Palestinians, Peace Process, West Bank
Giora Eiland

Giora Eiland

In his Ynet opinion article, the head of Israeli National Security Council, Giora Eiland, presents an alternative solution to the problem of Palestinian wish for statehood. Eiland believes that the idea of creating a separate state for Palestinians would be a bad idea, as it is quite possible that state would be ruled by radicals, thus the war would continue.

Instead, Eiland presents another option: giving the West Bank to Jordan and creating a Palestinian state in Gaza, taking some land from Egypt:

The first is to create an independent political entity in the West Bank that will be part of a confederation with Jordan. This may sound surprising, but there are increasing voices, both in Jordan and in the West Bank, in support of this idea.Israel will compensate Egypt with territories in the south by opening a land crossing between Egypt and Jordan, north of Eilat, and more.

The Jordanian logic is simple: If a Palestinian state is created, it will be ruled by Hamas, and a Hamas state neighboring Jordan is the beginning of the end for the Hashemite Kingdom. So it is better that control over security in the West Bank be in Jordanian hands. Palestinians who support this idea do so for two reasons: They prefer a Jordanian rule to Hamas rule, and it is the quickest way to dispose of the Israelis.

The second alternative is a regional solution, in which there will be an exchange of territory not only between Israel and the Palestinian state; rather, Egypt will also be involved. Gaza can be expanded to three times its size, on account of Egyptian territory, and can be given genuine economic viability.

In exchange, the Palestinians will renounce a significant piece of land in the West Bank, and this will
allow Israel to decrease the number of evacuees to 30,000.

Eiland’s solution overall seems plausible. However, there is no way in hell Egypt would give up some of it territory for such a deal. The Egyptian people overall couldn’t care less about the Palestinian state – and Egyptian President would be in danger of losing power over this ordeal.

Also, although I could imagine Jordan would want to control the Temple Mount, I doubt it would want about 1.5 million of relatively poor population as an addition to its citizens’ bank. Besides, Jordan has enough Palestinians as it is and Jordanians usualy have no particular positive sentiment towards the Palestinians.

In related links, loons under domain name Wanted.CO.IL campaign for arrest of Giora Eiland and others for violating international life:

In July 2008, a claim was filed against the suspect in the High Court in Spain on suspicion that he was involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity for ordering a one ton bomb to be dropped on a house in Gaza, which caused the deaths of 15 people including 9 children (July 2002). Bombing residential areas is collective punishment and constitutes a war crime. Extra judicial executions are prohibited under international law and since July 2002 are prosecutable in the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands.

Curiously enough, the website – which acts under Israeli domain name, but is actually located in the United States – is not willing, apparently, to prosecute Hamas leaders for violating human rights of Israelis, their own citizens and Fatah activists, many whom Hamas terrorists rounded up and shot or tortured. There’s the objectivity for you. Loons of the day, ladies and gentlemen.


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