Swedish gov’t refuses to cave in

Posted: March 7, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Anti-Israel, Israel

Chairman of the Swedish Left Party, Lars Ohly

Chairman of the Swedish Left Party, Lars Ohly

Unlike the Dubai government, Swedish rulers have decided not to cave in to threats by anarchists and extreme Left activists and allowed the tennis match between Israel and Sweden. Moreover, the Swedes have deployed a thousand riot police officers to counter the anarchists and other anti-Israel loons.

Unfortunately, the loons still tried to break into the arena:

Dozens of anti-Israel activists clashed with police Saturday as they tried to storm a closed arena where Sweden and Israel were playing a Davis Cup tennis match.

The activists hurled rocks and firecrackers at police vans as they tried to break through the barricades set up to keep protesters from the arena. Hundreds of riot police pushed them back using truncheons.

There were no immediate reports of injuries. At least five people were detained, police spokesman Lars Hakan Lindholm said.

Some within the Swedish parliament, however, have preferred to attack Israel instead:

Sweden’s Left Party leader Lars Ohly told the crowd that the European Union and the rest of the world should “boycott the racist regime in Israel.”

Update (08/03/2009): Israeli tennis player, Andy Ram, wrote an excellent article, explaining his feelings and the feelings of his team:

The Swedish players actually understand us and are quite embarrassed by what is happening, yet these events have completely changed my perception of Sweden, and it is doubtful whether I’ll want to come back here ever again.

The feelings within the Israel team are very grim. All the innocence that prompted us to play tennis has disappeared, and this match, which was supposed to be a beautiful moment of sports, has become completely worthless. Nothing here is reminiscent of the Davis Cup; what we have is a war atmosphere, tension, and the feeling that something very bad may happen at any moment.

  1. Michael Horesh says:

    So Swedish police are attacked. Democratic Israel is hounded by Swedish politicians. And Palestinian police continue to attack their own people without fear of conviction.
    See http://www.ichr.ps and http://michaelhoresh.wordpress.com/2009/03/08/civil-liberties-in-israel/

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