Ridiculous opinion of the day: Gideon Levy

Posted: March 8, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Politics
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Gideon Levy, happy he can fight Israeli aggression

Gideon Levy, happy he can fight Israeli aggression

In his latest opinion article, Gideon Levy, pictured right, tries to make us understand Benjamin Netanyahu is playing “fear games” with us. Likud chairman, together with Avigdor Lieberman, the Devil himself, tell us Arabs are cancer and try to make us afraid:

As Benjamin Netanyahu ascends to power, his message is the danger of a holocaust at the hands of Iran. Avigdor Lieberman emerges victorious and his message is that Israeli Arabs are a cancer. Never before has a government been established here solely based on sowing fear. Devoid of promise or hope, the government being formed offers only the prophecies of apocalyptic doom on whose waves the right rode to power. Now it’s the right’s only agenda.

Wait… Isn’t that what Levy’s doing right now? Or most Israeli journalists for that matter – “fear games”? I mean, I’m no Likud supporter, but weren’t we attacked by journalists from all around Israel, trying to scare us off Netanyahu? If he’ll get elected, the relations with White House will be terrible. If he’s elected, the peace process will end. If he’s elected, the Arab world will hate us… And so on, so on.

Seriously now, let’s be fair here. You can treat Lieberman any way you want, but he did not call for an extermination of Arabs. Hell, he even supports the creation of Palestinian state! And Netanyahu? He also supports the creation of Palestinian state, except his strategy is different: instead of just giving up lands for nothing, Netanyahu suggests improving the social and economic position of Palestinians, prior to signing any agreements (we’re about to see if he’s actually going to do something on the subject).

So now, now, Mr. Levy. Shouldn’t you be fair as well? I mean, we all thought you were a professional journalist.


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