Israeli Arab group fights for Israeli Arab women’s rights

Posted: March 9, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Israeli Palestinians
Sorry, couldn't find a photo appropriate enough

Sorry, couldn't find a photo appropriate enough

The Jerusalem Post reports today on a Haifa organization named Kayan, formed in 1998 and working to help Israeli-Arab women. The main focus of the organization is the so-called “unpaid labor”, that being women who come home after work day and start working again – working their households, obviously with no pay. Organization says that withing Arab circles the pressure on women in “tremendous”:

“Women go out and work, and when they return home… they take care of everything. It’s like slavery,” Deeb said. “It might prevent them from being activists in the public sphere. It affects their capacity to develop themselves, to improve their lives… It’s a high price” they pay.

Last year, Kayan distributed a log for women to record the hours they spend on various household tasks, such as shopping, teaching children and laundry. The exercise was meant to raise participants’ awareness of the amount of work they do to maintain their homes.

I say – good for them. Israeli Arab women should be able to be active and should be able to explore their opportunities, instead of working all day long.


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