Gaza family sues Israel, forgets Hamas

Posted: March 10, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, IDF, Israel, War
Gaza bombing

I bet you can see Olmert's evil smile within that smoke

The Samouni family, of Gaza, is suing Israeli officials, including the PM Ehud Olmert and DM Ehud Barak, for alleged “criminal negligence” Samounis claim that

“The soldiers who fired the shells did so in utter disregard of the innocent civilians present in the area of the fighting,” it charged.

The story is as follows:

In the morning of January 4, an IDF tank shell hit the family’s three-story building, killing seven of its members.

Their apartment was burnt down completely and the survivors took refuge in a shelter, but the building was shelled the following day, and 22 more family members were killed. Both shellings injured 45 other family members, most of them children aged eight to 14, according to a statement by the prosecution.

The family did not state how the soldiers should have known the family was in the building. The family also apparently has no intention to sue Hamas for provoking the war.

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