Gay couple to adopt

Posted: March 11, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel


You know that thing you can’t do in Iran? Or in Saudi Arabia? You know – you can’t be gay? For example, in if you’re gay in Iran – you’ll get executed. Well, in “apartheid”, “racist” Israel, you can actually be gay. And still be alive:

Fourteen years after arriving at his foster parents’ home, the Ramat Gan Family Court ruled Tuesday morning that Yosi Even-Kama, now 30 years-old can be adopted by his foster parents, a homosexual couple.

As a result of Family Court Judge Alissa Miller’s decision to recognize Professor Uzi Even and Dr. Amit Kama as Yosi’s parents, they will now have the same rights as biological parents of any child. In order for the adoption to be official, Yosi’s biological father had to agree to renounce his paternal rights to his son.

In 1995, Yosi was kicked out of his biological family’s home after they discovered that he was homosexual. The Even-Kamas took the teenager into their house and got the authorities to recognize them as Yosi’s foster family.

The Even-Kamas petitioned for recognition as Yosi’s foster family, which they received in a ground-breaking decision shortly after they took the fifteen-year-old in, becoming the first homosexual couple to gain legal recognition as foster parents.

In 2004, Even and Kama were married in a ceremony in Toronto, Canada. A year later, they said that they planned to petition the Supreme Court to recognize their union.

But the family did not consider applying for full legal adoption until 2007, when Yosi was accepted to university studies and the university’s appeals board decided that he was not entitled to receive the reduced tuition to which the son of a professor is entitled. It was at that point that the family turned to attorney Dori Spivak for legal counsel regarding the possibility of adoption.

Now, no matter what you thing of same-sex marriage and adoption by those couples, you will have to agree that this is democracy and the rule of law, something many Israel’s opponents despise, instead preferring authoritarian dictatorship.


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