Germans mourn massacre

Posted: March 11, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Uncategorized
Students run away from terror scene in Erfurt, Germany
Students run away from terror scene in Erfurt, Germany

It is a sad day for all of us today, as another deranged moron has decided he is above others and has the power to take the lives of others. The 17-years-old idiot stormed a school in the city of Winnenden, murdering eight girls and three teachers, then fled the scene in a stolen car and eventually – when cornered and wounded by police – finally did what he should’ve done a long time ago and shot himself:

Among the dead were nine pupils, eight of them girls, and three teachers at the Albertville secondary school in the town of Winnenden, north of Stuttgart.

The gunman, a 17-year-old former pupil, entered the school at about 0930 (0830 GMT) dressed in black combat gear and began shooting – aiming head-high.

He fled in a stolen car, but killed himself after being cornered by police.

Officers say he shot himself dead after being wounded by the police.

The website provides additional details:

Baden-Wuerttemberg Interior Minister Heribert Rech said eight of the nine pupils who were killed were girls but he refused to speculate as to whether females in particular were targeted.

Three teachers and three passers-by were the others who died.

Police said the suspect – named locally as Tim Kretschmer – was killed during a shoot-out with officers in the town of Wendlingen, about 40km (25 miles) away from the school.

He had fled there in a car he had hijacked after the school shooting – killing a passer-by as he made his escape, police said.

Spokeswoman Inka Buckmiller said the shoot-out took place at a car showroom, where two bystanders were killed and two police officers were injured.

“The suspect also died as a result of this shooting,” she said.

Baden-Wuerttemburg state governor Guenther Oettinger said police killed the suspect, but officers later said he had killed himself.

Note to any more stupid teenagers thinking of murdering people and destroying lives forever: shoot yourself. Seriously. Right now. Leave us out of it.


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