Man falls from chopper after rescue from minefield

Posted: March 11, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel
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See that? Can you read what it says?

See that? Can you read what it says?

Okay, let me clue you in here, as a person who served in Combat Engineering unit for three years: when you visit Israel and you see a sign, saying there are landmines just past the point of the sign – you do not go there. There actually are landmines there.

Unfortunately, not everyone can read – or at least take the idea seriously. The hero of our story, apparently, never served in Combat Engineering. The guy went into the minefield for a picnic with his friends, disrespecting guys just like me. I mean, come on we put those signs there for a reason. Anyway, our hero apparently stepped on an anti-personnel landmine (which usually requires about 4kg pressure, or a bit over 8 pounds), which blew his foot off.

According to reports, it took 90 minutes for emergency services to reach the wounded civilian. Let me elaborate about the time – when there is an injured person on a minefield, you don’t just go in, as we don’t want to get in his position. Lots of preparations take place and you have to move in slowly. Depending on the distance, it could take quite a while to get to civilian’s position, as the moving personnel has to make way through the minefield to the designated location, all the while using metal detectors. The rescuers used BlackHawk helicopters for the rescue operation, however, again, you can’t just come above the person and land rescuing personnel there – there could be landmines all around him. That is the reason why it takes so long.

It would be great if our story would end here. Unfortunately, after picking up the injured man and lifting him up quite a few feet from the ground, the man fell from the straps and landed on the ground, receiving critical injuries, following which the man died.

Does anyone really need an explanation? If you see minefield ahead of you – don’t go there! You are endangering you and your friends. Period

Update: Hebrew version of Ynet has both the video of the man falling off the BlackHawk, and also brings eyewitness report – eyewitness stating the many was not moving or reacting to surroundings for about twenty minutes prior to him being lifted off the ground.

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