Murakami slams Israel, forgets terrorism

Posted: March 12, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Own Articles, Palestinians
Only Israel's fault?

Only Israel's fault?

One of Ynet’s reports for today talks about author Haruki Murakami, who became famous following his “Trilogy of the Rat”. Last month, Murakami was recognized by Israelis and awarded the Jerusalem Prize for his achievements.

Just recently, Murakami published an article in a literary journal, telling Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is “unjust”, describing several examples of the unfair treatment and stating the Palestinians were not free.

Now, besides the question “why would you publish something like this in a journal dealing with literature”, we should ask: “Where’s the terrorism in all this?” I mean, read this:

Murakami claims that Israelis fail to understand that their policy towards the Palestinians is wrong. “Palestinians have to undergo thorough security checks whenever they want to go somewhere and their economic activity is limited. They are not free to build their homes when and where they want to, and in fact have no sovereignty over their land,” he explains.

Now read this:

“I sense a very strong patriotic approach when I talk to Israelis. The schools instill it in them through the official history, and three years of military service for boys and two years for girls is mandatory,” he writes.

And then read this:

Murakami’s visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum prompted him to come up with the following insight: “I think that the State of Israel suffers from some sort of trauma. The brain tells them that excessive self-defense is not good, but their body spontaneously responds to the slightest of provocations.”

Now, let’s understand this, shall we? Murakami says Israel is unjust for holding Palestinians at check points, without even mentioning the reason behind the checks (terrorism, anyone?), says Israeli children and youngsters are brainwashed, without mentioning anything about Hamas’ indoctrination techniques and the vile propaganda in Palestinian media, and says Israel suffers from “trauma”. Well, thanks for that.

How about presenting two sides of the medal, sir? How about telling your readers, that while you might believe Israeli children are being brainwashed, the Labor Education Minister Yuly Tamir has introduced several changes into the education system, including the option for the Israeli Arab schools to teach their children about “Nakba” – the creation of State of Israel, and that she pushed hard to alter the education system enough for the Israeli children to see the Palestinians’ side of the story? Or maybe telling your readers about daily brainwashing on Hamas and official Palestinian TV channels, with childrens’ shows presenting maps of “Palestine” with no place for Israel, or with “whimsical characters” murdering Jews?

Guess this is too complicated for you, sir. I guess being famous book writer does not make you a fair and professional person. You can join the club now.


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