Understanding Netanyahu

Posted: March 12, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Politics
Netanyahu: ready to fight his political opponents, not the real enemy

Netanyahu: ready to fight his political opponents, not the real enemy

I’ve got a short opinion on Ari Shavit’s opinion article in Haaretz today. Shavit is talking about Netanyahu and how Netanyahu was always right:

In all his election campaigns, Benjamin Netanyahu told the truth. He was right in 1996 when he argued that the Oslo Accords had failed, and he was right in 1999 when he claimed Ehud Barak would divide Jerusalem.

Bibi was right in 2006 when he warned that the disengagement would bring Katyusha rockets to Ashkelon, and he was right in 2009 when he claimed that both Israel’s security and its economy were under threat.

Now, let’s get this straight, shall we? Netanyahu isn’t particularly smart because he “knew” Katyusha rockets would hit Ashkelon – every sane person knew that! Every person who reads the news and follows the timeline of Israeli-Palestinian conflict knew Oslo accords are dead, knew Barak would divide Jerusalem and also knew pullout from Gaza would lead to rockets inside the Green Line. The only ones who didn’t know that were the insane, greedy politicians, as they were too busy fighting each other instead of defending their own people.

The question here: Has Netanyahu learned anything from his “predictions”? And the answer is a firm “No”. He might’ve understood the Oslo accords were dead – he still signed the Wye agreement, and gave a bit over 9% of West Bank territories under Palestinian control. He knew the pullout would bring rockets to Ashkelon, yet he mostly supported the 2005 disengagement.

Let’s be truthful here. Knowing something is about to happen isn’t the same as doing something about it.

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