Israel agrees freeing 450 terrorists for one man

Posted: March 13, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Uncategorized
Yes, Israel agreed to release more of those people

Yes, Israel agreed to release more of those people

Recent media reports indicate Israel has agreed to release all 450 terrorists demanded by Hamas, and apparently the only issue now is that Israel demands some of them to be deported outside of West Bank and Gaza, into Syria, for example. Knowing the history of the negotiations, we can be sure Israel will mostly cave on this issue too, with Hamas allowing singe-digit number of those released to be deported – after all, if many of them are deported, terrorists’ families would not be reunited, thus rendering the deal useless for Hamas. You can also be sure, that they will have celebrations just as grand as they had in Lebanon for Sameer Quntar.

Israel has agreed to free all 450 of the prisoners demanded by Hamas in exchange for kidnapped Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit, and the dispute now revolves around Israel’s demand that some of these prisoners be deported rather than returned home, Palestinian sources in Cairo said Thursday.

Ofer Dekel, Israel’s lead negotiator on the issue, was in Cairo Thursday for further talks with Egyptian mediators.

According to the sources, Israel is insisting that several dozen of the released prisoners be exiled abroad and that others be released to Gaza rather than the West Bank. However, Hamas has thus far agreed to the deportation of only a handful of prisoners, and has conditioned even this on the consent of the prisoners to be deported. It also opposes releasing prisoners to Gaza rather than the West Bank.

All the years of negotiations and a large-scale opeartion in Gaza – and this is what Olmert government achieves? After soldiers fought and lost their lives – this is the best they could get? What a scam! Easily the most useless government Israel ever had.

On the same not, Israeli journalist Yaron Dekel posted his Ynet opinion article, “The Shalit manipulation“, which argues the media should have presented two sides of the debate when promoting Shalit’s release. Dekel says the media has been pushing the agenda of releasing terrorists while barely giving any voice to the other side, telling everyone willing to listen, that terrorists must not be release as it will cause more kidnappings and more attacks – just as it had happened before:

Fortunately for them, the Israeli press waited for the current stage in the struggle and is now all over it, as if it found a great treasure. The Israeli media has already decided: Gilad must be released, at any price, and the earlier the better. As such, the media has devoted itself to the family’s campaign, while choosing to forget that the story is more complex and less simplistic than the abduct soldier’s family wishes to present it.

What more can there be said? Israel caved in, once again. Unfortunately, more attacks can be expected, in order to free Palestinian “freedom fighters”.


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