News for me – MS Word 2007 allows blogging

Posted: March 13, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Press and Media

Microsoft Word 2007Okay, I am really embarrassed about this one, but apparently, Microsoft Word 2007 allows you to use it as an offline editor for your blogs, support WordPress, Blogger and several other platforms. While this current post is only a tryout for this feature, from Googling it I understand that the editor is not as full-featured as WordPress’s (which is a platform I use right here), yet, it might be a convenient replacement for Windows Live Writer, which, unfortunately, would not install on Windows XP 64-bit, the operating system I use. Let’s see what you can do, Word!

The downsides I can see: Word has trouble uploading pictures you’ve entered into the blog post (which might be okay for most) and you do not have the option to justify text, which makes it look bad for me. At the moment, it looks like you could use Word only as a draft editor and finish the formatting on the blog itself. Well… Down the road we go.


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