RAFAEL’s horrible video recognized by Wired

Posted: March 13, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel

That is the best you could do?

That is the best you could do?

You might’ve seen the news of Israeli defense contractor RAFAEL creating a promotional video for it Indian market. Well, the Wired Magazine has nominated the video for Iron Eagle, claiming it is “most atrocious defense video of all time”, with which I would have to agree.

Every element of the promotional film is just plain wrong. The sari-clad, “Indian” dancers look all too ashkenaz and zaftig. The unshaven, hawk-nosed, leather-clad leading man appears to be a refugee from You Don’t Mess With the Zohan. Then of course, there’s the implication that the Indian military is somehow like a helpless woman who “need(s) to feel safe and sheltered.”

But for my rupees, the worst thing about the video is the damn theme song they’ve concocted for the thing. To pimp its weapons, Rafael produced a sitar-heavy twist on Rick Astley’s love letter to Satan, “Together Forever,” complete with a new chorus: “Dinga dinga, dinga dinga, dinga dinga, dinga dinga dee.” The rest of us now have to suffer for that bad, bad choice.

If you follow the link above to Wired’s website, you will have the opportunity to see the video, but beware, it might not do good with your heart.


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