Israeli Arabs tell us the truth – they’re not Israeli

Posted: March 16, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Anti-Israel, Israel, Israeli Palestinians, Terrorism

Israeli Arab demonstration. Notice the absence of Israeli flags.

Israeli Arab demonstration. Notice the absence of Israeli flags.

According to the Haaretz report today, that representatives of some Israeli Arab political movements have contacted Hamas, in order for it to demand from Israel release of some Israeli Arab prisoners, some or all of them involved in terrorism:

The release of Israeli Arab security prisoners is in fact one of the main sticking points in indirect talks between Hamas and Israel over Shalit, who was kidnapped by Gaza militants in a 2006 cross-border raid.

Hamas has included twenty such prisoners on a list of Palestinians it wants Israel to free in return for the abducted soldier. These prisoners were involved in terror attacks before the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Kadri Abu Wassel, the director of a Nazareth-based support group for prisoners, told Haaretz on Sunday that while Israel had released Palestinian prisoners after the Oslo Accords, it was keeping the Israeli Arab prisoners in jail because it saw them as an internal matter.

Then, Mahmoud Kna’aneh, leader of the ‘Sons of the Village’ political movement tells us the important thing (emphasis mine):

“This is not an internal Israeli issue. These prisoners are in jail because of the occupation and because they are Palestinian. We are sons of one nation, whether they want this or not,” said Mahmoud Kna’aneh, head of the Bnei Hakfar (Sons of the Village) Israeli Arab political movement.

We have to give Kna’aneh credit: he is being honest. Now we know that some Israeli Arabs only call themselves “Israeli” – for the sake of benefits, apparently – while they are actually ready and willing to collaborate with terrorist organizations (which have also killed Israeli Arabs during their “freedom fighting”).

  1. emil says:

    @attendingtheworld – wow, nice trolling there. First you compare Israelis to nazis (sic!) then you seem to agree with a lot of the ideas of the NSDAP

  2. Yes, *that* must be the reason that thousands of Palestinians rushed to Israel Ministry of Interior to get Israeli IDs when Israeli gov’t was talking about giving several Arab neighborhoods to Yasser Arafat – because they all love being Palestinians so much. Don’t forget, that Israeli Arabs live in way better conditions then Arabs everywhere in Islamic world – and they should be thankful for that.

    Also, it’s the Arabs who occupied Jewish land centuries ago, not the other way around.

    And also, in the 20th century, Jews were massacred by Arabs as well, so according to your logic it should be fine for Israel to be killing them now.

  3. Notice the absence of Israeli flags? What a moron you must be!

    They shall never be Israelis! Palestine belongs to Palestinians and Palestinians have one flag! Palestinians were occupied, massacred and murders by the Nazi Israeli forces. Your ignorant comment is equivalent in expectation to that of, say Iraqis, demonstrating while waving the American flag!

    Israelis on the other hand are a bunch of thugs and Nazis who must be expelled our of Palestine and back to the ghettos of Europe.


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