Australia weighs in on opting out of Durban

Posted: March 18, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Anti-Israel, Israel
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An "anti-Israel" demonstration at Durban I

An "anti-Israel" demonstration at Durban I

Although few officials expressed their disgust by the events at the first Durban conference, this time it is all different. Joining Canada, Israel, the United States and a few European countries, Australia considers opting out of the second Durban racism conference, as they prefer not to participate in hateful racist provocations you can see on your right:

“If we form the view that the text is going to lead to nothing more than an anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic harangue, an anti-Jewish propaganda exercise, Australia will not be in attendance,” Foreign Minister Stephen Smith told parliament.

Good for them. I have no idea what they views on Israel’s policies are, although it is okay to disagree with Israel’s policies. Yet, what happened in Durban was an anti-Semitic Jew-hate fest, and it will probably happen again, but those countries would do themselves good if they just stay out of it.

  1. You are absolutely correct; thankfully, they represent about 30 Jews in the world… However, are we seeing signs of regret? I remember reading about two weeks ago that Arye Freidman – one of the leaders – actually declared it was a mistake going to Iran’s conference on Holocaust…

  2. When i saw the picture with the two satmar/neturi Karta cultist I almost lost my breakfast! I can’t stand these guys who parade around saying that they are the REAL Jews. when for years they acted as bankers for the PLO

    they are a CULT!

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