Haaretz decides to attack IDF

Posted: March 18, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Anti-Israel, Cast Lead, Gaza, IDF, Israel, War
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IDF Soldier at nightThere are several extreme-Left outlets in Israel and Haaretz is one of them. Haaretz’s editorial staff’s extreme views are probably to blame for the most recent attack on IDF conduct during Gaza operation:

Dozens of combat soldiers, graduates of the Oranim pre-military institute, gathered at their alma mater last month relate their experiences during Operation Cast Lead.

Their on-the-ground testimonies are different from the army’s official statements, in which the IDF insisted its forces paid heed to high moral conduct in every sector.

“There was one house with a family in it… we put them into some room. Afterward, we left the house and another company went in, and a few days after we went in there was an order to release the family. We took our positions upstairs.”

“There was a sniper position on the roof and the company commander released the family and told them to take a right,” said the soldier. “One mother and her two children didn’t understand, and they took a left. Someone forgot to notify the sniper on the roof that the family had been released, and that it was okay, it was fine, to hold fire, and he… you can say he acted as necessary, as he was ordered to.”

Now, let us be clear on the issue: IDF labels orders to kill civilians as ‘Clearly unlawful’ and as such should be ignored by the soldier and reported to superiors – each recruit is being taught that during the basic training (and so was I). If case desribed above actually happened, the soldiers and officers should be prosecuted and jailed for years.

However, in its report, Haaretz provides no response from IDF, making the report clearly one-sided and it is impossible to tell if the soldiers describe truthful event or just hateful propaganda for reporters. The unidentified ‘combat soldies’ are at fault as well, as they should have immediately reported such cases to superiors, including the office of Cheif of Staff, if needed. Instead, the unidentified personnel took it upon themselves to spread rumors through reporters.

Haaret’z unprofessional behavior will spread further unsubstantiated hatred towards Israel, all thanks to bleeding-heart-liberal-editors, who prefer terrorists to Jews with whom the editors disagree [read: settlers].

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