Iran to get S-300 SAMs

Posted: March 18, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Iran
The S300PMU SAM system

The S300PMU SAM system

Russian officials have been denying the option of selling Iran Russian S-300 Surface-to-Air-Missile system for quite a while now, and we can obviously understand the unwillingness of Russian government to cave in to genocidal regime of Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. However, now it seems it’s over for Medvedev and Putin – they just could not take any more pressure and have signed a deal to sell Iran the SAM systems.

Not to bore you with too many details, we are talking about quite a serious machinery here. Depending on the model, the S-300 has a range of up to 200 km (123 miles) and can act against medium-range ballistic missiles. As the entire system was designed to be mobile, the SAM battery can be activated within five minutes, track up to a hundred targets and engage twelve of them (again, all this depending on the model, however, even the less advanced models (and older) models were able to strike within range of 75 km (46 miles) and minimal engagement height of 25 m (82 feet). For quite a while now the S-300 (NATO designation SA-10) is considered to be a serious enemy of aircraft.

Now, my problem with Iran purchasing the SAM system is similar to everyone’s, even though I am ready to compromise: say Ahmedinejad wants to use current nuclear facilities for peaceful purpose. It’s fine. Overall, I am a supporter of use of nuclear energy, which can power thousands of houses with little effort. However, one of those days (when?!) Ahmedinejad will leave his post and another leader will take his seat. What if he will be more radical than Mahmoud? What if he then proceeds to create a nuclear bomb – which could later be transferred to Hamas or Hizb Allah? Now that Iran acquires the SA-10s, attacking the nuclear facilities will be much more difficult, which in effect might force other nations to use unconventional methods of destroying the plants.

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