Still think international media is fair?

Posted: March 18, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians, Press and Media

Well, why won’t you take a look at whom CNN employed for years in the video below. As a forenote, I will say that we are talking about a press conference by Danny Ayalon – former Israeli ambassador to the US and now an Israeli Knesset Memeber.

The perpetrator is Nidal Rafa, a former CNN producers, who also contributed to several other news agencies. Rafa preferred to ignore the code of conduct at press conferences and instead attacked Ayalon in an unorderly fashion. More on the situation and some transcripts can be found here. Video after the break.

Now, with all fairness, do you think this person could provide CNN with fair and balanced views on the situation in Israel?

At the link above to HonestReporting website, you will also find quite a few examples of Nidal Rafa clearly manipulating international media, such as this one (emphasis from HonestReporting):

She is not pleased about the team from Ha’aretz Magazine that accompanied [Fox News reporter Jennifer – JM.B] Griffin to Bartaa. My initial attempts to strike up a conversation with Griffin were loudly interrupted by the interpreter. When Griffin asks what I can tell her about the Wadi Ara region, as background, I don’t manage to get out even one whole sentence before Rafa interjects herself, in English, with an obvious edge to her voice: “I will give you the background,” she says: “This whole area was expropriated by Israel from the Arabs. Everything here belonged to the Arabs. There are Jewish settlements such as Katzir and Harish above: villas, beautiful homes. And all of it on our land.”

During Griffin’s interview with the bereaved father, Rafa decides what to translate and what to leave untranslated. “Do you condemn Hamas for sending the suicide bomber who killed your son?” Griffin asks. Rafa translates. Razi Kabha gives a general, unfocused answer, about the protracted conflict. “So you don’t condemn Hamas for this suicide bombing?” Griffin wants to know. Rafa gives her a piercing look: “He already answered that. Go on to the next question.”

Another great job by international media.


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