Israel ready to accept some HRC recommendations

Posted: March 20, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Human Rights, Israel, United Nations

United Nations Human Right CouncilIsrael has accepted 54 recommendations from UN’s Human Rights Council members, including recommendations to improve minorities and women’s stance in society:

Israel said Thursday it will improve its treatment of minorities and prisoners, taking on board some suggestions made in a review of its human rights record before the United Nations.

But Israel rejected calls to abolish the death penalty, noting that it was last applied to Nazi mastermind Adolf Eichmann in 1962 and has since been effectively suspended, Israel’s ambassador Aharon Leshno-Yaar said.

Israel received 54 recommendations from other countries as part of the UN Human Rights Council’s regular scrutiny of all the global body’s members. Many suggestions focused on Israel’s continued occupation of Palestinian territory and alleged abuses against the population there.

Israel “takes note of the recommendation to intensify its efforts to ensure that human rights are respected in the fight against terrorism,” he said – diplomatic language meaning the country won’t heed outside opinion on the matter.

I believe it is a great process, which would contribute a lot to Israel, including possible recognition of its efforts by quite a few members of HRC. It would be interesting to read what the HRC has to say about Iran and Syria.


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