Abbas learns a new word

Posted: March 21, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians
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"Apartheid. Apartheid, I say!"

"Apartheid. Apartheid, I say!"

While Israel’s dispersing of PA-sponsored ‘Arab culture day’ today seems like a disaster, PR-wise, the reason behind the block of events seems obvious as soon as you read this quote by PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas:

“Jerusalem and its residents are at the top of our priorities. The occupation will be banished forever from Jerusalem and our lands. The Apartheid will be removed, and so will the racist separation barrier,” Abbas said.

According to Internal Security minister Avi Dichter, the reason for blocking the events is violation of interim agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, which specifically says PA not allowed to sponsor or organize events inside Israel.

By the way, the ‘new word’ I was referring to was the ‘apartheid’ word. While not news in Palestinian repertoire, it is rarely heard from Abbas himself, who prefers referring to ‘occupation’ instead.

While to an outsider blocking cultural event seems barbaric, it is important to understand that the event clearly had as much political meaning as it had cultural. The fact that Hamas blocked the events in Gaza, clearly underscored the fact that PA organized the events in order to boost support for the Palestinian cause – and for Abbas’ cause in particular.

Abbas also added:

“We ask the world – how much longer will the destruction and killing and slaughtering continue? Do our people not deserve to live in peace and prosperity? Do they not deserve independence? Every new Israeli government must show its commitment to the peace process by honoring the principles of the two-state solution as the foundation for the peace process,” said Abbas.

To remind my readers: there is no slaughter or killing of Palestinians in the West Bank. In fact, WB residents live in relative peace for quite a while now, since the overall cessation of attacks by Palestinian terrorists (and successful prevention measures taken by Israeli security forces). The situation in Gaza, of course, is very different, though.

Abbas says nothing about Palestinians’ failure to comply with single resolution or agreement since 1994 Oslo peace accords, instead preferring to blame his political opponents – Israel and Hamas in failures of former Fatah chairman Yasser Arafat and his own.


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