Hamas threatens again

Posted: March 21, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Gilad Shalit, Hamas, Israel

Hamas terroristsHamas threatens Israel again with more kidnappings of Israeli soldiers ‘as a last option’ if Jerusalem fails to release Palestinian prisoners. See? If we cannot make it by negotiations, we’ll use violence instead. Democratically elected organization, ladies and gentlemen.

On Friday, the Palestinian resistance movement said Tel Aviv’s non-contribution to a prisoner exchange between the two sides may leave the group no choice but to seize more Israeli troopers.

“When they refuse to release Palestinians, it forces the Palestinians to resort to other means to gain their release – and inevitably this includes the capture of more Israeli soldiers,” said Hamas’ political leader Khalid Mashaal in an interview with the Australian daily The Sydney Morning Herald.

The comments came after an Israeli committee, tasked with examining the conditions of confinement of nearly 11,500 Palestinian prisoners, urged the government to build up pressure on the inmates to force the release of Gilad Shalit — the Israeli soldier captured in 2006 by Gazan fighters.

The two sides have so far failed to agree on a swap deal which would see Shalit’s release in exchange for the freedom of 1,450 Palestinian prisoners.

At the second half of the article, PressTV throws a bomb at us (emphasis mine):

Following Shalit’s capture, Israel acted to almost block the flow of direly-needed supplies into the Gaza Strip before placing the coastal area under a stifling blockade in 2007. Tel Aviv claimed its actions were a response to alleged rocket attacks by Hamas on southern Israel.

Yeah. Because these attacks never happen.

Through PressTV, Khaled Mashaal, Hamas leader sitting safely in Damascus, tries to lie to us again:

“Israel was supposed to end the siege and open the border crossings in return for a halt to the rockets; the rockets stopped, but the siege remained and the crossings stayed closed,” Mashaal added.

Let us be very clear on this one: rocket fire from Gaza never ceased. There was not a single day for past several years without rocket fire from Gaza. Moreover, Palestinians have fired mortar shells and Qassam rockets at Israel during Israel’s disengagement from Gaza Strip.


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