Israel unleashes… sonic ‘booms’

Posted: March 22, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, IDF, Israel, Palestinians

Sonic BoomHave you ever heard a sonic boom? It is a loud pop produced by an aircraft when it reaches the sound barrier in mid-air. Apparently, several IAF aircraft have ‘unleashed’ such booms over Gaza, with Palestinian psychologists telling of the adverse effects these booms have on Palestinian children:

At least two sonic booms hit Gaza City and northern areas of the strip earlier on Sunday, Xinhua cited witnesses as saying.

Tel Aviv has previously resorted to sonic boom attacks on the Gazans for weeks on end, causing psychological disorders for thousands of Gazans — mainly children.

“Around 50 percent of the children in Gaza are in need of mental health interventions,” Gaza-based psychologist El Sarraj told Fars News Agency in a previous interview.

I would have felt a lot worse for Palestinian children, if I would not have known that ‘crude rockets’ their fathers fire at Israeli city of Sderot for over eight years now, have caused up to 94 per cent of Sderot children to suffer post-traumatic disorders:

Between 75 percent and 94 percent of Sderot children aged 4-18 exhibit symptoms of post-traumatic stress, says Natal, the Israel Center for Victims of Terror and War.

Natal’s study, set to be released in the coming days, was based on a representative sample. The study found 28 percent of adults and 30 percent of children in Sderot have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The study was conducted by Dr. Rony Berger, director of Natal’s Community Services Department, and Dr. Marc Gelkopf, with the assistance of pollster Dr. Mina Tzemach.

The town of Sderot and the western Negev as a whole have been subjected to barrages of rockets launched by Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip for over seven years.

If only these Palestinian psychologists would have thought of children on both sides.


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