Police successfully prevents disaster

Posted: March 22, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians, Terrorism

Israeli Police Bomb Squad OfficerIn what some police officers describe as a ‘miracle’, Israeli police force has been able to neutralize an explosive device, weighing nearly 45 kg (or nearly 100 pounds). The device was located inside a parked car, by the Lev Hamifratz (‘Heart of the Bay’) Mall, in Haifa. Security forces were alerted after partial explosion has been heard from the vehicle:

Sappers alerted to the scene worked for a lengthy period of time to dismantle the remaining explosives, which were concealed in a bag. According to the police, the largest of the explosive devices detonated partially, leaving the rest of it intact. A number of smaller charges spread around it also did not explode. Officers later said that current estimates put the weight of the explosives involved at nearly 100 pounds.

The mall, adjacent to the outdoor, was evacuated for fear the remaining explosives would detonate. It will remain closed overnight as police continue to comb the area. The mall, which also houses a train station and neighbors a central bus terminal, has recently undergone major renovations and was rechristened the ‘Cinemall.’

Police forces swarmed the area after receiving reports of an explosion inside a white Subaru car, which is registered as belonging to a female resident of Jerusalem.

As usual, a group claims responsibility for the foiled attack:

An organization calling itself the ‘Galilee Freedom Battalions’ claimed responsibility for the incident, however its credibility has been called into question. In a written statement the organization said: “This bomb was intended for the Zionists who visit the mall, and bringing it in was very complicated. At around 9:15 (pm). Immediately afterwards the cell left the area. Due to a technical defect or technical error, the bomb did not go off.

“This operation is part of the series of operations we promised you in response to the demolition of homes in east Jerusalem and the slaughter carried out by the occupation in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. This operation is just the beginning.”

I never understood those people. I mean – claiming responsibility for an attack that did not work out? “Hey, yeah, we’re responsible! And if we’d be a little smarter it might’ve even worked!”

  1. Thanks, mate.

    On the flip side, I wanted to point out that while I certainly could be more neutral, this is certainly not my goal. I am trying to be objective enough, but still promote my point of view.

  2. calum nairn says:

    Nice article found your site searching in google I think you could have taken a more neutral view.

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