PHR whines; forgets Hamas

Posted: March 23, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Hamas, Human Rights, IDF, Israel, War

"Now, guys, remember. Blame Israel. We don't want any fairness here, God forbid!"

"Now, guys, remember. Blame Israel. We don't want any fairness here, God forbid!"

Recently release of report by ‘Physicians for Human Rights’ NGO blames Israel for assaulting medical personnel during the 22-day operation by the IDF in Gaza. The report alleges that IDF soldiers have failed to evacuate wounded and prevented help and even water from civilians. Those evil IDF soldiers!

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR) described alleged incidents which “reveal that not only did the (military) not evacuate besieged and wounded families, it also prevented Palestinian (medical) teams from reaching the wounded”.

PHR’s report followed accusations by other human rights groups and Palestinians that Israel’s actions during the 22-day offensive in the Palestinian coastal enclave, controlled by the Islamist Hamas group, warranted war crimes investigations.

The Israeli military said the High Court had dismissed a petition PHR lodged on January 19, a day after the offensive ended, and that the allegations were still being investigated.

“At the conclusion of the fighting, the claims were investigated by the (military) in a thorough manner, as were many other issues, in the framework of an expert investigation,” the military said in a statement.

“The findings … have not yet been concluded. When they have been finalised, (they) will be presented to the public.”

PHR quoted figures issued by the World Health Organisation which showed 16 Palestinian medical personnel were killed by Israeli fire during the offensive and that 25 were wounded while performing their duties.

Funnily enough, PHR is the same group who stirred up a furor in international media by reporting that a man has died waiting for an entry permit to Israel. The Director of the Occupied Territories Department, Ran Yaron, reported to media “the sick man could not withstand the wait for the permit”. However, later it was discovered that the man is alive and well and his family exploited the PHR, and the latter never conducted any kind of investigation on the issue.

By the way, regarding the case in the previous paragraph:

“This is a rare case where a family member knowingly provided false information to the organization,” Physicians for Human Rights said. “Usually, the organization receives information from the families and from the hospitals, but in this case the information was received from the family and was not confirmed by the hospital.”

How would PHR know this case is rare, when they never conducted an investigation into this case? How many other cases were not investigated by the PHR?

So now, PHR – a group that loves blaming others but never investigating – blames Israel for misconduct, while disregarding allegations of use of medical vehicles and personnel by terrorists for transportation and hiding; while disregarding testimonies of IDF soldiers who testified to giving their own water to Palestinian civilians. ‘Fair and balanced’ is a phrase you would not hear from PHR.


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