Hass believes Palestinians

Posted: March 24, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, Human Rights, IDF, Israel, War

In an op-ed this morning (early morning, I should point out), a regular columnist at Haaretz, says Israel should believe claims of Palestinians of regular abuse, and disallowance of medical personnel to reach wounded. Hass bases her view on several reports, including Amnesty, HRW and the Red Cross. Now, honestly, I have no time to waste on going through such reports, for one reason: if I would go through every report these organizations release on Israel, I would have time to write or do anything else in life. However, I do have a question for Hass: do you really, fully believe reports by Amnesty, organization that has been proven to be biased in many, many cases before? Or the Human Rights Watch, NGO that published its report on violations of human rights by Israel against Lebanese in Second Lebanon War in 2006, but it took it months and pressure from other NGOs to release such a report about Hizb Allah? Or the Red Cross, whose people never even tried to visit captive Gilad Shalit? Do you really believe the press, whose journalists race after scoops, no matter how truthful their words are?

Seriously, Madam. You can join now the ‘Unprofessional Journalism Club’, together with Amos Harel. Please sit.


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