‘Yesh Din’ tries to look fair, fails

Posted: March 24, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Human Rights, IDF, Israel, Palestinians

Israeli soldier and a Palestinian womanAn activist for ‘Yesh Din’ ‘human rights group’, Elhanan Miller, tries to make us – the simple people – understand the ‘human right groups’ – just like ‘Yesh Din’ – are actually a good thing, rather than bad. Miller tries to defend his organization by answer to three ‘most important’ questions:

a) “The most vociferous countries criticizing Israel are terrible human rights violators. Their hypocritical behaviour is shameful!”

b) “Exposing Israel’s faults in the media is wrong because it will harm its image abroad and even cause Anti-Semitism.”

c) “Israeli human rights organizations receive funds from foreign countries intent on harming Israel”.

We can certainly tell Miller “Nice try”, as miller misses the most important question: “Why do Israeli HRGs harshly criticize Israel – including release critical reports to international media – while rarely criticizing Fatah and Hamas, including serious lack of investigation of Palestinian claims in many cases? How come Israeli HRGs are highly critical of the IDF, based on Palestinian accounts, while rarely – if ever – contacting the soldiers themselves to understand what exactly happened?” That is one of the most important questions, while Miller never mentions.

Nice try.


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