Israel allegedly attacked twice in Sudan

Posted: March 27, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Egypt, Gaza, Hamas, Israel



In addition to previous attack on a Egypt-bound weapon convoy in Sudan, allegedly by Israel, Sudanese government now alleges Israel made another attack on Sudan-bound ship, making its way from Iran:

“There were indeed two strikes in Sudan, in January and February,” Sudan’s deputy transportation minister told Channel 10 on Thursday evening. “I cannot confirm that Israel or the US were behind the attack, but I know that the US controls the airspace there,” he said.

“The second strike was against a ship at sea and it was completely destroyed,” another Sudanese official said.

Also Thursday evening, Senior Hamas official Salah al-Bardawil denied reports the convoy was bound for Gaza. He was quoted as saying that the claims were circulated in order to justify an attack on Sudan.

In related news, Egypt boosts its armed forces on Sudanese border, to counter weapons smuggling:

Egypt has been sending forces to its border with Sudan in an effort to prevent smuggling into the Gaza Strip, due to intensive international pressure following Israel’s offensive on the Hamas-ruled coastal territory earlier this year.

“The Egyptians are patrolling the border and inspecting it,” a senior intelligence sources said. “They weren’t doing that until now. They started doing it because of the increased international pressure to act against the smuggling. But so far, the results are only partial.”

The Iranians are concerned over the memorandum of understanding signed between Israel and the United States to combat smuggling into Gaza, the source said. Eight NATO members also said they would join the anti-smuggling effort.

If there is any one thing we should be thanking Hamas for, is for uniting both Israel and Egypt against it.

Update to previous report on Israel striking in Gaza (mentioned above): according to intelligence, alleged IAF strike on Sudan convoy was targeting weapons that could reach Tel Aviv.

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