IDF soldiers speak out to counter allegations

Posted: March 28, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Gaza, IDF, Israel, War

The Jerusalem Post has published several testimonies of IDF soldiers (who also created a website Soldiers Speak Out), which counter-weight the recently revealed allegations of indiscriminate ‘killing’ of Palestinian civilians:

Golan is a veteran of Gaza operations, having entered the Strip with his unit in the past. During one counter-terrorism raid in 2005, Golan encountered a pregnant woman inside a home belonging to a wanted terrorist.

“We saw a woman who started complaining about a stomach ache. I was ordered by my commander to check her medically,” Amir said. “It turned out she was going into labor. I did everything I could in order to help her… for obvious reasons she didn’t want to give birth there. She was hoping to get to a Palestinian hospital,” he continued.

“So what we did was to evacuate our force really fast out of there. And we almost ran away from there,” Amir added. “We called [for] a Palestinian ambulance to come as fast as it could and evacuate her,” he said. “I pulled some strings and I tried to follow up on the woman. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy.”


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