PA’s Erekat talks peace, forgets Palestinian terrorism

Posted: March 28, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Peace Process
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Saeb ErekatPA’s ‘chief negotiator’, Saeb Erekat, published an op-ed in Washington Post recently, saying he doubts Israel’s commitment to peace, now that the Likud and other right-wing parties have the power. Erekat said, in particular:

“Peace is not a word that sits comfortably with the Israeli right, which will dominate Israel’s new government, even with Labor’s decision this week to join it. Among its ranks are those who have long opposed peace with Palestinians, no matter the cost; who use the cover of religion to advocate extremist views; and who have supported the expulsion of Palestinians or now devise loyalty tests designed to achieve the same result.

“Many of this government’s members exemplify some of the worst traditions in Israeli politics, traditions that find common cause in advocating the expansion of Israel at the expense of Palestinian rights and independence”.

Erekat has failed to mention steps Palestinians have taken in order to achieve peace (read: Palestinian Authority did nothing, yes not a thing to achieve peace with Israel).

Erekat blamed Israel for years for its ‘unwillingness’ to reach peace with Israel, while his Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas refuses to recognize Israel, and other Fatah officials join in.

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  2. I’m sorry, but this isn’t enough. Israel had several ceasefires as well, especially during 2000-2001 periods, when Arafat constantly promised the violence would stop and Israel pulled its troops back.

    Let’s talk facts: Israel transferred territories, weapons and monies to PA since 2004. What did Palestinians do to achieve peace?

    Also, what proof do you have of IDF ‘slaughtering’ Palestinians just ‘because they are Arab’?

  3. Derece Powell says:

    Why does this debate continue. The Israeli government is responsible for the failure of the peace process and this has been well documented. Settlement activity goes unchecked, West Bank and Gaza are occupied by Israeli forces, draconian rules prevent Palestinian from travelling freely within their own state and innocent people are slaughtered by the IDF simply because they are Arab.

    To say that the Palestinian Authoriy has done nothing to forward the peace process and that Abbas and Fatah does not recognize Israe is misleading. Despite being controlled by Israel, the PA has negotiated several peace agreements and ceasefires with Israel. This in itslef shows the PA recognizes Israel but where has any of this got the PA or its people? Only to watch Israel violate the agreements and ceasefires time and time again. Have settlements stopped being built? Has the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza stopped? Does Israel recognize the two state solution? Has Israel stopped using military force against an unarmed civilian population? No.

    Erekat is correct. Isreal is unwilling to reach peace with the PA, not the other way around.

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