Israeli Arab youths stone Jewish students in Jerusalem

Posted: March 29, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Israeli Palestinians

Palestinian holding stoneHebrew Ynet website reports on Jerusalem High School of Arts students, coming under attack in the past months from Israeli Arab youths spending their time in the nearby Bell Garden. Arab youths stone students and sexually harass them, while the police usually helpless.

Stone barrages, teasing, and sexual harassment are just part of what students of High School for Arts go through each week. Harassers, mostly Arab youths spending their time in the Bell Garden, not deterred by the police, continue harassing and endangering students.

Several days ago, the situation swiveled out of control, with the school enacting emergency procedure. School’s students were ushered into the building, following a heavy barrage of stones during the recess hours from the other side of the [school] fence. Some parents say that the situation became routine, with the youths harassing students even after school hours.

Some students testified to being chased by young men up to bus stations on their way home, never stopping attacks on them. ‘They tease the students, try to physically attack them and sexually harass both male and female students’.



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