Netanyahu’s disgraceful gov’t lacks health minister

Posted: March 31, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Own Articles, Politics
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Netanyahu meets person in wheelchairBenjamin Netanyahu finally reached coalition agreements with other – mostly greedy – Representatives, effectively securing himself in Prime Minister’s seat.

The newly born government, consisting of thirty ministers – probably highest number of active ministers in any Israeli government until now – lacks a minister for one of the most important subjects in everyday life: health. Instead, United Jewish Torah’s Moshe Gafni will serve as a deputy minister. Gafni – no professional in field of health-related issues – will probably fail to improve the deteriorating condition of Israeli hospitals. The ridiculous thing is that Gafni, being only a deputy, will not have the authority to make most important decisions. Netanyahu let the media take great hospital pictures during the election campaign, yet, when it comes to actually caring for the sick, Netanyahu’s affection stops.

Likud’s chief took his time to invent new offices and positions for his future government, including titles like ‘Minister for strategic affairs’ (Moshe Yaalon), ‘Minister supervising improvement of services for the citizen’ (Michael Eitan), ‘Minister supervising intelligence services’ (Dan Meridor), and – simply – ‘Minister with no portfolio’ (Benny Begin, Yossi Peled).

Netanyahu’s Premiership will probably be short-lived, as consistency of Likud’s coalition is nothing short of ridiculous. Ehud Barak’s Labor party (13 seats) will either split or eventually force Barak to leave ruling party’s government. Barak suffered much criticism in past weeks due to his strong to join Netanyahu’s coalition, viewed by many simply as greed for Defense Minister’s seat. Avigdor Lieberman’s ‘Yisrael Beitenu’ party (15 seats) will leave the government as soon as Netanyahu gets too close to another deal with the Palestinians. Although Lieberman’s character is flexible enough to stay within governing coalition that supports creation of Palestinian state, he still has to work for his constituents, consisting mostly of former Soviet Union immigrants, who usually lean right.

Honestly, I hardly understand Netanyahu’s motives. It seems he would sell his soul to Satan (or SHAS) to become the new Prime Minister, yet, it seems he too will fail to come to an end of four-year terms instead stepping down early – following his predecessor, Ehud Olmert. It is hard to imagine Netanyahu’s government bringing real change to Israel; instead, he will probably be remembered for his shortcomings.


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