Experiences in Sderot – you will not read this in international media

Posted: April 1, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Cast Lead, Hamas, Israel, Terrorism
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Sderot child hiding under a desk in school in wake of Qassam attacks

Sderot child hiding under a desk in school in wake of Qassam attacks

Kudos to Haaretz posting this account of a family living in fear in the Southern city of Sderot – just miles away from Gaza and from where Hamas terrorists fire rockets into the city. You will rarely – if ever – read such testimonies in The Independent or see them on CNN. Frankly, you would not read many such testimonies in Haaretz as well, it being a quite far-left newspaper. Yet, today’s article portrays well the city, in which close to 90% of children require psychological or psychiatric assistance.

During the day the Edry family, residents of Sderot, lead relatively normal lives. The children – Chen, 15, Oron, 12 and Shilat, 8, have gone back to school, and they spend their afternoons playing outside with friends near their home.

At night, however, the atmosphere is one of wartime, just like when the town was being bombarded with 30 Qassams a day and Red Dawn sirens shrieked every few minutes.

Two and a half months have passed since the end of Operation Cast Lead, but the Edry family is struggling to return to a normal routine. The entire family sleeps together in a small protected space. While most days have been quiet, they are still afraid that Hamas has not had its final say, and the next Qassam is only a matter of time.

Their fears proved founded Tuesday, as the area saw its worst onslaught of rockets since before the January operation.

“Our three bedrooms are upstairs. We haven’t gone upstairs for six months, certainly not the children,” says Ruth Edry, the mother. “I haven’t even been up there to clean. The children are still wetting their beds at night, and are afraid of showering alone. I’ve hardly left the house in four months. Two weeks ago I went out and suddenly discovered they’ve built a new traffic circle not far from my house. Look what’s happened to me, I don’t even recognize my own town.”

Read the rest. It is quite worth it.


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