SC judges add two months to killer’s sentence, still ridiculously low

Posted: April 1, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians, West Bank

Border Police soldiersThe Supreme Court increased penalty time of a former Border Police officer from 6.5 to 8.5 months for the abuse, kidnapping and killing of a Palestinian youth over six years ago. The former officer, together with several others, kidnapped Amran Abu Hamadiya, beat him and then threw him off a fast moving jeep, causing a severe head injury which caused Abu Hamadiya’s death:

Lalza was convicted of killing the youth and abusing other Palestinians. According to the indictment filed by the four policemen involved in the affair, in the four kidnapped Hebron resident Amran Abu Hamadiya and put him on a jeep.

During the drive they beat the youth and then hurled him out of the jeep, which was travelling in high speed.

Abu Hamadiya was thrown on the road, his head was strongly hit and he died on the spot. Immediately after throwing the youth, Lalza shouted, “He is dead! He is dead!” and the four abandoned the body and continued driving. One of them documented the entire incident with his video camera.

Following the incident, a commission of inquiry decided to immediately dismantle the Border Guard company which the four were members of. The company commander and his predecessor were dismissed.

In the new decision, the Supreme Court judges stated that “the deterrence and the denunciation of criminal acts of abuse by Israelis against Arabs due to their descent will not be conveyed sufficiently without such aggravation, particularly when those who do it are soldiers and policemen.”

It is unclear how a sentence of eight and a half months in prison for a murder could be considered a ‘deterrence’. How ridiculous is this decision? Would the officer be judged to same amount of time if he would murder a Jew?

There is no excuse for both such behavior by the BP officer – Yanai Lalza – and Supreme Court’s judgment. Although I could believe some details affecting the sentence were not disclosed to the public, I believe Lalza should be jailed for years.

  1. […] a follow up to a previous story I ran about Supreme Court sentencing a Border Police soldier, involved in murdering a 17-years-old […]

  2. […] a follow up to a previous story I ran about Supreme Court sentencing a Border Police soldier, involved in murdering a 17-years-old […]

  3. Agreed. Although there could be some circumstances unknown to us, yet, I hardly believe they are relevant enough in this case.

  4. rolandhesz says:

    8.5 months? That’s ridiculous. And the sentence hurts Israel too – perfect ammunition for those who accuses them with the usual stuff.

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