Bat Ayin residents say ‘not seeking revenge’ after murder

Posted: April 3, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Palestinians, Terrorism, West Bank
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13-years-old Shlomo Nativ, RIP

13-years-old Shlomo Nativ, RIP

Bat Ayin residents mourn the murder of 13-years-old Shlomo Nativ and an injury of 7-years-old Yair Gamliel. Yet, they are not seeking revenge, says settlement’s rabbi Daniel Cohen, after being witness to a meeting of settlement dwellers, during which – according to him – people expressed pain, not rage:

Talking to Ynet, Cohen spoke of the emotionally charged meeting, during which he called on his friends to practice restraint and refrain from acts of revenge.

“I spoke to the residents about our pain and grief, about the strength we’re getting and the complete faith we have in our right to be here in Israel,” the rabbi said. “I explained to them that God sometimes picks roses from the garden, brings them over, and that’s it’s the righteous youths of all people which he takes.”

Some 50 people took part in the meeting, which was held after Nativ was laid to rest.

The attack also left seven-year-old Yair Gamliel moderately injured. He is still hospitalized at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital and suffers from fractured skull.

As an update to previous post on Yair Gamliel’s father – currently jailed – I should add that according to reports, Gamliel senior – Ofer – turned down the offer by IPS to visit his son:

His father, a member of the extreme right-wing Bat Ayin Underground, who is serving a prison sentence for attempting to blow up a cart outside an Arab hospital and a girls’ school in east Jerusalem, turned down an offer by the Israel Prison Service to visit his son handcuffed and under tight security.

Update (03.04.2009 16:00): Ofer Gamliel eventually agreed with IPS’ terms to be transferred to hospital under tight security; his handcuffs will be removed only as soon as he goes in to see his son.


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