Israeli Arab ‘advocacy groups’ use scare tactics

Posted: April 3, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Anti-Israel, Israel, Israeli Palestinians

Never mentioned by Farah

Never mentioned by Farah

Some Israeli Arab ‘advocacy centers’ try to use scare tactics, aimed at international governments and press, by alleging the new government will push anti-Arab policies:

An Arab-Israeli advocacy center is going on the offensive against what it sees as potentially harmful policies that the new government may espouse.

Jafar Farah, the director of the Haifa-based Mossawa Center, said he and former Labor MK Nadia Hilou met with six German MPs on Thursday to discuss the Arab community’s concerns vis-a-vis the government.

In recent weeks, Farah has met with 13 ambassadors, including those from Britain, Belgium, Poland and Sweden, to discuss the same issues.

And on April 19, he will leave for a 10-day trip to the United States, where he hopes to meet with members of US President Barack Obama’s administration, Congressmen and representatives of Jewish and Arab-American organizations.

“We don’t have big hopes for this government. We feel that this new government will – at least, part of it – be targeting the Arab community and will… complicate the Middle East conflict with confrontations between Jews and Arabs,” Farah said.

Farah said he was particularly concerned that a former member of the now outlawed Kach party, Michael Ben-Ari, has become an MK.

“You have people who clearly say that they want to undermine the status of the [Arab] community,” Farah said.

Surprisingly, Farah never mentions of calls in Arab community – including Israeli Arabs – to destroy the state of Israel, in stark contrast to new governments’ possible will to ‘undermine’ the Arab community. Can you see the difference – destruction versus undermining? I am shocked the director of ‘Mossawa Center’ never mentions that.


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