US joins the HRC, says will defend Israel, will probably fail

Posted: April 4, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Human Rights, Israel, United Nations, US

UN Human Rights CouncilBarak Obama’s US administration has decided to join the United Nations Human Rights Council – a body shunned by previous administration for its biased views on human rights. US’ ambassador to the Useless Nations – Susan Rice – declared US seeks to join the organization to “battle the anti-Israel crap”. Rice also added that US still considers participating in Durban II human rights summit in Italy, criticized by many for its anti-Israel and even anti-Semitic stance. Nevertheless, she made it clear that no final decision has been made on US attendance, since the draft still contains “substantial problems.”

On a larger scale, Rice said the UNHRC bid has been part of a renewed push to end the killing in Darfur, and an administration drive to prevent a North Korean missile test.

“There’s just enormous goodwill and optimism,” said Rice. “I’d say even excessive expectations about President Obama and what his administration can bring.”

Rice also forcefully rejected what has emerged as an early knock on Obama’s foreign policy: That his team, notably Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have appeared to downplay human rights concerns, from China to Turkey to Egypt, in favor of more practical issues.

I severely doubt US will make much difference becoming a member of HRC. After all, UN is a democratic body, thus acceptance of resolutions is subject to voting. With countries such as China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Russia on the roster, it is doubtful US will have much power to battle the anti-Israel sentiment. I give some credit to US diplomats – they are smart people, surely understanding the situation – thus Israel is probably low on its priority list. Instead, the Barak administration probably tries to renew good relationships with the world ‘ruined’ by Bush administration.


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