Israel not the only state abusing Palestinians

Posted: April 6, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Human Rights, Palestinians

Palestinian woman in a refugee camp in Iraq

Palestinian woman in a refugee camp in Iraq

Well, here is a shocker for you: apparently, Israel is not the only country were Palestinians being abused – Iraq is also on the list, as since Saddam Hussein’s demise many Iraqi groups became hostile. Still, Iraqi authorities promised – they promised – they will protect Palestinian people living in Iraq.

Abbas said that the Iraqi officials he met consider Palestinians living in Iraq to be “part of the Iraqi people, so we believe that they are in safe hands”.

He praised Iraq’s pledge to support Palestinians, but did not publicly mention reports of human-rights abuses against Palestinians living in Iraq.

“We would like to thank the Iraqi government for its concern about

Palestinians living in Iraq,” Abbas said after a meeting with Jalal Talabani, his Iraqi counterpart.

The UN estimates that more than 2,000 Palestinians remain stranded in desperate conditions, unable to return to Iraq or cross into neighbouring countries.

Since the war, the number of Palestinians living in Iraq has dropped by nearly 50 per cent, according to the UN.

Where the outrage? Where are the desperate New York Times reports? I guess it is less important when it’s not Israel…


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