Palestinians threaten Israelis

Posted: April 6, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Hamas, Israel, Palestinians, Terrorism

Palestinian terrorist firing Rocket Propelled Grenade at IDF troops

Palestinian terrorist firing Rocket Propelled Grenade at IDF troops

Gazan terrorists threatened Israel today, saying they “will keep ambushing Israelis wherever and whenever we can”:

The source denied that the recent wave of attacks was the militants “welcome wagon” for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government, saying that the attacks were the groups’ response to Operation Cast Lead.

“We will not stop the attacks and will carry them out whenever the situation on the ground permits it. I know the resistance groups are preparing their responses and those will not be delayed long,” he said.

According to the source, the Strip’s armed groups will seize every opportunity possible to mount an attack on Israeli targets: “We are all about resisting and fighting the enemy. Anyone thinking the war ended in January is wrong. We will keep ambushing Israelis wherever and whenever we can and we will strike… The blood of (our) women and children will keep haunting the Israelis.”

To remind you, dear reader, Gazan terrorist groups never stopped ‘seizing every opportunity’ – every ‘ceasefire’ never actually stopped rocket fire from Gaza and if attacks ever stopped – Hamas and Islamic Jihad used the quiet to rearm and regroup.

In the meanwhile, Israeli security officials recognize Fatah’s renewed terrorist activities:

Defense officials said over the weekend they are concerned about the increased involvement of Fatah-affiliated militants in attacks against Jews in the West Bank over the past two months.

Fatah members stopped attacks against Israel around two years ago, but the involvement of Fatah members in the recent deadly attack in Bat Ayin and the murder of two policemen in the Jordan Valley is being investigated.

The investigation into these attacks and the attempted bombing at a mall in Haifa are under strict censorship restrictions, as requested by the Shin Bet security service.

Palestinian Prime Minister – Mahmoud Abbas – heads Fatah. While Amos Harel – known in this blog for ‘Hearsaygate’ – analyzes the situation as possible loss of Abbas’ power over Fatah terrorists, it is not necessarily only possible explanation.


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