Obama calls Israelis to understand Palestinians, forgets Israeli terror victims

Posted: April 7, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Hezbollah, Israel, Palestinians, Syria
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Do you really need an introduction?

Do you really need an introduction?

Recently elected US President Barak Obama said Israelis should “see the perspective of the Palestinians” in a meeting with Turkish students in Istanbul; he also reiterated his support for two-state solution – Israeli and Palestinian states:

“I believe that peace in the Middle East is possible. I think it will be based on two states side by side,” Obama told a students meeting in Istanbul at the end of a two-day visit to predominantly Muslim Turkey.

“I think we have a sense of what those compromises should be and will be. Now what we need is political will and courage on the part of leadership,” Obama said.

“In the Muslim world, the notion that somehow everything is the fault of the Israelis lacks balance because there are two sides to every question,” Obama said at a meeting with university students.

“I say the same thing to my Jewish friends — you have to see the perspective of the Palestinians. Learning to stand in someone else’s shoes, to see through their eyes… this is how peace begins.”

It seems, though, that Arabs not necessarily should see the perspective of Israelis, whom they have been butchering for decades.

Following Obama’s statements in Turkish Parliament, Syrian officials expressed their skepticism over Obama’s ability to persuade ‘radical’ Israeli government into concessions:

“Obama’s comments also express his desire for a comprehensive peace agreement (in the Middle East) and his support for Turkey’s role in this process,” the Syrian minister said.

In an interview with Saudi newspaper al-Watan, Muallem wondered how Obama’s messages would jibe with the policies of “the extreme right government in Israel that opposes a two-state solution and disregards international resolutions and the Arab peace initiative.”

Syria’s top diplomat said “we must not abandon anything that has to do with the (Palestinian refugees’) right of return and the implementation of UN Resolution 194 in this regard.”

Syrian officials have not condemned genocidal Hizb Allah – whom Syria actively supports – for causing a war that cost Lebanese close to 1,000 deaths and hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.


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