Palestinian tries to run over BP soldiers, gets shot

Posted: April 7, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Israeli Palestinians, Palestinians, Terrorism, West Bank

April 7th terrorist's vehicle, inspected by bomb squad

April 7th terrorist's vehicle, inspected by bomb squad

Three Border Police soldiers were lightly hurt when 20-years-old Azmi Awisat drove into BP formation guarding the area where a house of first bulldozer attacker was partially demolished. The man was then immediately shot by soldiers’ company commander:

Twenty year-old Iyyad Azmi Awisat, of the village of Jabel Mukaber, left Sur Baher in a white Seat vehicle and approached the Border Guard officers stationed at the checkpoint at the entrance to the village at high speed.

Awisat managed to hit three officers, causing light injuries to their legs, before being shot by their company commander.

“Suddenly we saw a vehicle driving towards us quickly and run over three officers. I realized immediately that it was a terror attack,” he recounted. “I cocked my M16 and fired a number of bullets at the terrorist.”

Al Jazeera, of course, provides us with an informative headline for the event: Israeli police kill Palestinian.

Obviously, the Israeli Arabs cry “they treat us like dogs”, probably thinking a terror attack is not a big deal when directed at Jews:

Zuhir Hamdan, the mukhtar of Sur Baher, called the killing of the terrorist “cold-blooded murder.”

On the attack itself, Hamdan commented, “It’s a lie. They treat us like dogs.” The mukhtar explained, “Up until now, I have controlled the village. From today, I no longer will. The response will come in the form of disturbances of the peace.”

For that matter, Israeli Arabs claimed all such attacks – including bulldozer attacks – are ‘traffic accidents’. You can view the video of the last bulldozer attack here. Watch closely, as the driver ‘accidentally’ rams into police car, then changes driving direction to ram it from the other side and the push it into a bus. What an ‘accident’!

In the meanwhile, Palestinians stoned a vehicle in West Bank near the Rachelim settlement, with the driver sustaining moderate injuries:

The stone shattered the car’s windshield and hit the driver’s head. The driver lost control of the car and rammed into the guardrail.

“The driver was bleeding from the head. We treated him at the scene and then rushed him to the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva for further treatment,” Magen David Adom paramedic Miki Nemesh said.

Current events – particularly starting with the Bat Ayin terror attack, where a 13-years-old boy was murdered – show worrying trends that could mean either: a) terror organizations, including Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah have decided to renew attacks due to the hard line taken by Benjamin Netanyahu’s government; or b) terror organizations have decided to pressure Netanyahu’s government into appeasement, by creating a sense of urgency and terror among Jewish population. We are only left to hope those tactics will not work.


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