Family members of teen terrorist released

Posted: April 8, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Israel, Israeli Palestinians, Terrorism

Ibrahim and Awad al-Nabari (Courtesy: Ynet)

Ibrahim and Awad al-Nabari (Courtesy: Ynet)

Following this blog’s April 6th report, family member of 16-years-old terrorist Basma Awad al-Nabari were released, after police investigators reached conclusion they were not informed about al-Nabari’s intentions:

Early this week, the police demanded that the two remain in custody for an additional 15 days, stating that not enough time had been given to them to carry out a proper investigation.

However, Judge Drora Beit-Or was unimpressed with the evidence presented to her and demanded that the police “display more solid information, rather than assumptions and inferences raised due to the fact that the girl resided at her parent’s home.”

That is the rule of law. In Hamas-controlled Gaza, or Fatah-controlled Ramallah similar case would end with family members being shot.


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