Hamas calls on Abbas to allow resistance

Posted: April 8, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Hamas, Israel, Palestinians

Hamas' Gazan chairman Ismail Haniyeh

Hamas' Gazan chairman Ismail Haniyeh

Hamas called on Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas to cut ties with Israel, following rioting between Israelis and Palestinians today (Wednesday), which left 16 Palestinians injured. Hamas essentially blamed Abbas for injuries, stating that the riot was “the result of the dangerous coordination between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, which leaves the resistance enchained by the Ramallah authorities that takes away the fighters’ weapons.”

[Hamas spokesman Fauzi] Barhoum further expressed his astonishment as to the ongoing security ties, conducted “in the shadow of a radical government which has already announced it will not abide by (previous) agreements and said it believed peace can be achieved only through war and not through negotiations.”

The Islamic Jihad also issued a statement following the riot, calling on the Palestinians to stage mass solidarity rallies in the Gaza Strip. The group also urged the Palestinian Authority “to free the West Bank resistance so it would be able to protect the villages and cities against the settlers’ rioting.”

We obviously will never see any substantial ‘solidarity rallies’, as Gazans’ memories of Hamas ‘officials’ hiding in bunkers are too vivid. By the way, Farhoum lied when he said: “[Israeli government] believed peace can be achieved only through war and not through negotiations”. This attempt at rewriting very recent history based on newly appointed FM Avigdor Lieberman’s speech, where he stated that Israel is not bound by the Annapolis agreement, while still being committed to the ‘Road Map’. The agreement reached at Annapolis, was strictly between Mahmoud Abbas and Ehud Olmert, as the document was never approved either by Israeli government or by Israeli Parliament.

Curiously enough, Hamas now talks about negotiations with a state it says should be destroyed.

While Hamas continues with its genocidal agenda, settlers and Palestinians dispute on cause of the aforementioned riot:

Sixteen Palestinians were injured earlier in clashes with Israel Defense Forces soldiers following a prayer held by settlers near the West Bank village of Khirbat Safa. One of the Palestinians suffered critical wounds. An Israeli citizen was lightly hurt.

According to the Palestinians, the entire incident was a planned operation. Bat Ayin’s rabbi, Daniel Cohen, told Ynet that hundreds of the area’s residents had arrived at a hill overlooking the Palestinian village, which is located about 1.5 kilometers (about 1 mile) from the settlement, in order to mark the Blessing of the Sun.

According to the rabbi, the settlement’s residents did not fire at anyone. “The army arrived at the village, and then a clash erupted between the army and the Arabs. Most of the people remained in the area where we were located. No one entered the village apart from the army.”

The Palestinians, however, claimed that the settlers fired in the air and damaged their property.

IDF claims that soldiers fired when they were endangered by the rioters:

The IDF said in statement that “the force dispatched to the area in order to separate between the sides used crowd dispersal means against the Palestinians. Once the soldiers’ lives were in danger, the force’s commander ordered them to fire at the lower part of the main inciters’ bodies.”

Thankfully, we have Al Jazeera to provide us with details:

The settlers from Bat Ayin, where a Palestinian killed a young settler last week, attacked cars and homes in the village of Safa on Wednesday.

The Israeli account is that the settlers, who were armed, came under attack when they entered Safa to pray, Nour Odeh, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in the West Bank, said.

Notice that: a) Only several paragraphs later, Al Jazeera explains that the ‘young settler’ is a 13-years-old child, and b) settlers never actually entered the village of Safa, praying on a nearby hill instead. If you take AJ’s reporting at face value, it would seem that the settlers entered the village itself, thus provoking the Palestinians.

Update (08.04.2009 22:55): Video here shows IDF soldiers getting in close contact with rioters, thus it might explain the eventual use of lethal force.


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