Brit intel probably saves lives

Posted: April 9, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Terrorism

UK police forceBritish police, together with UK’s intelligence service – the MI5 – arrested 12 persons suspected to be involved in terrorist activity, planning to attack a nightclub and a shopping mall:

Police arrested 12 people in evening raids across north-west England on Wednesday, which media reports said had long been planned but were hastily rescheduled after it emerged the briefing notes detailing the operation were visible in the photo.

Manchester police said several hundred officers were involved in the raids, which saw eight premises searched as part of an ongoing investigation that also reportedly involved domestic intelligence agency MI5.

The Times newspaper said there were plans to attack a nightclub and shopping center complex in Manchester.

“The north-west counter-terrorism unit, working with Merseyside Police, Greater Manchester Police and Lancashire Constabulary, has today… arrested 12 men under the Terrorism Act,” a police spokesman said.

It is great the intelligence managed to get enough information to arrest those people. However, intel services can never be perfect, thus an attack, similar to subway bombing, could happen. According to numerous researches and news reports, radicalism in England’s Muslim circles keeps growing, with the British government usually standing idly by. Unfortunately, now it is impossible to take affirmative action against the radicals, without provoking huge riots by Muslim radicals, thus the Brits will have to rely on intelligence services to pry out information regarding upcoming terror attacks. However, as with any intel service, you cannot get everything right; there will be mistakes.


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