France worried over Iran nukes

Posted: April 10, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Iran

French FM Spokesman Eric Chevallier

French FM Spokesman Eric Chevallier

After US and Israel rang bells on Iran’s nuclear program, it had to reach peaceful Paris (well, peaceful, except when ‘youths’ stone vehicles and police officers). Moreover – the French are so worried, they released their worries into the press:

France expressed concern Friday after Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad boasted that his country had developed new nuclear fuel enrichment technology despite international pressure not to do so.

“These are worrying declarations [regarding opening of new nuclear facility – JMB],” French foreign ministry spokesman Eric Chevallier told reporters. “We need to check the accuracy of the figures … and for that we’ll wait for the International Atomic Energy Agency.”

Chevallier reiterated France’s call for Tehran to submit to a full IAEA inspection regime at all its nuclear sites and halt its ongoing program to enrich uranium into nuclear fuel.

On Thursday, Ahmadinejad opened a nuclear fuel plant and announced the testing of two high capacity centrifuges, while claiming that Iran’s Natanz site now holds 7,000 working centrifuges to enrich nuclear fuel.

Well, spank my a** and call my Judy! I mean, if French get worried, we are about to see some understanding among world’s nations, regarding Ahmedinejad’s threats to surrounding states, like Israel. Still, it is unlikely anyone would do anything regarding Iran’s nukes.


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