Egypts fights Hizb Allah

Posted: April 11, 2009 by Jonathan Boyko in Egypt, Hezbollah

Egyptian soldiers on border with Gaza

Egyptian soldiers on border with Gaza

Relationship between Egyptian government and Lebanese radical Hizb Allah organization were never great; now, however, they are spiraling down fast. Today, Egyptian police shot dead a Bedouin driver in Sinai desert, transporting weapons for Hamas in Gaza. Egyptian authorities also arrested a man in Cairo, allegedly ready to smuggle $2 million into Gaza Strip, together with several others.

In the meanwhile, Egyptian and Hizb Allah political officials quarrel with each other, with leader of latter – Hassan Nasrallah – officially admitting smuggling weapons into Gaza.

Authorities in Egypt, it seems, plan to fiercely fight Nasrallah:

“Nasrallah wants to turn Egypt into a playground like Lebanon,” one of the officials told the London-based al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper on Saturday.

Following the arrest of Hizbullah men in the country, the source added that “Egypt is not a playground in which others can play. Egypt is not a building without a doorkeeper.”

The official said, “Nasrallah’s admission and the language he used point to Hizbullah’s desire to unite Egypt and the rest of the region with the Lebanese resistance movement and its solidarity with the Palestinians, under complicated international circumstances – for the mere sake of satisfying the Iranian interest to occupy the world, as (Tehran) develops its nuclear program.”

The source added that the Hizbullah leader was interested in “dragging Egypt into this situation. It lets its people enter Egypt for satanic purposes.”

According to the newspaper, Nasrallah admitted that the main suspect arrested in Egypt was a Hizbullah member. He noted that 10 other people were with the man, whom he referred to as “a porter at the Palestinians’ service.”

The newspaper also wrote that “Nasrallah got his agents entangled in Egypt and feel into the trap.”

In his speech Friday, Nasrallah confirmed that one of his organization’s activists who was arrested this week in Egypt was smuggling weapons into the Gaza Strip.


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